Voodoo Sex Cult has decided to release another single of their album “A Year and A Day” Attached is the single “Voodoo Rising” We would appreciate it you would give a listen and consider giving us some exposure on your station.

Welcome the release of “Voodoo Rising” It’s exactly that, the rise of Voodoo Sex Cult. As the Voodoo Sex Cult plugs away at gaining ground in the rock world, we want to take all of our fans with us on this amazing journey.

As the lyrics in the song state, “Power we bring, the cult for life….Bodies swaying it feels so right. Voodoo Sex Cult is not only hard hitting, but a bit of sultry and sexy. The go right along with the rock beat, making it just a little bit sexier. So please enjoy and feel the “Voodoo Rising”

We are open for interviews should you like to set one up in the near future.

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