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Here are our links for various things. Facebook, ReverbNation, SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter, etc. The End-all nowadays is probably gonna be our website – should have links to most others, including purchasing links.



I also wanted to share some of the following material. I broke it up into manageable sizes – easier to download when busy or up and about:

bioassay – Memoirs of A Broken Heart (2010)
Our first album, on MECHaNISMz

bioassay – My Old Friend (2012)
bioassay – ExPeriment: time (2013)
Our first and second EPs. The first on the SquareWAV label run by Cervello Elettronico, with a remix by Assemblage 23, and one by David Christian (Cervello Elettronico / Crimes AM / WSNDA). The second is self-released.

Miscellanous / Remixes by / Remixes of
Just a collection of some random remixes we’ve done, and some that people did for us.

Control Factor ZERØ – Negative Return
This is a project started by Holly, that we both participate in. It’s different from bioassay, more fun, more experimental and spontaneous. It’s not a side-project, it is its own thing, really.

Structures of Silence – Structures of Silence
This is a project started by me, wanting to explore less rhythmic and more ambient / soundscape / experimental stuff, tied in with my fascination for space, nuclear weapons, urbex, the esoteric, extraterrestrial life, and black projects.

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