Adam “David X” Morten

Adam “David X” Morten

- in Sunday Show

Here is the Bio from my website:

My name is Adam “David X” Morten aka Froyo D and I’m an alternative rapper from Dallas, Texas. I started rapping and writing lyrics when I was around 10 years old. I have always had a diverse taste in music despite my fixation on hip hop and it shows in my instrumentals and the style of rap that I do. I tend to rap using compound syllable rhyming and enjoy making complex rhymes in synch with the beats that I produce. I have a degree in Audio Engineering and have spent more time behind the board than behind the mic, I’ll admit, but art is art. I make my music in the moment and don’t pay much attention to what’s expected when it comes to “mainstream” music of any kind. I hope you enjoy my music and share it with people who you think will enjoy it.

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