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Halestorm from Rockfest 2013 Photo by Amber Miller

KJAG Radio

James Lowe the Program Director of KJAG Radio worked for local Hutchinson Kansas Radio Station KSKU, James was let go from the company. He began experimenting online in 2000 with a talk radio program that played Indy Music.  KJAG Radio began playing Indy music and unsigned artists in 2001, when the recording industry came in with fees and kept holding down indy artists. KJAG Radio now boasts after 10 plus years of artists from all over the planet from every style of music.

KJAG Radio began to cover Concert Events with a local music and events magazine, called The IDEA magazine with a circulation of 50-75,000 copies. KJAG Radio conducts radio interviews and video interviews with all forms of entertainment from Comedy to Indy music to major Theater entertainment from all across the country. The MIC online magazine is our Internet only Ezine that covers events from all over the USA.

KJAG Radio began to developed Concerts for The Cause is a national non-profit organization that provides various non Profits the opportunity to raise money through the events sanctioned by our organization.

Every Summer, CFTC promotes Weekly Summer community concerts in downtown Hutchinson Kansas which concessions sold from the events go to various non profits in central Kansas.

Every Fall, CFTC conducts community entertainment events such as every year we benefit local food banks, coat drives and toy drives for local non profits.



2nd Story Band

7 Sources

Alexandria Kleztet



Blues Revoltion

Bob Janis


Crazed Cowboys

Donna Klien

Eve’s Regret

Henry Morgan and The High Grass Boys

Hula Monsters


Jean Paul

Jimmie Vestal

Jon Bare and The Killer Whales

Kitty Dakota

Lyn Ann

Nicki Sutherland

Norman Fell

Robert Oluz

and more


The IDEA magazine was formed from one simple thought, with so many E-zines and “Birdcage liner” laying around in the music scene. When will someone come along who promises interviews,reviews,etc and actually delivers? We began the IDEA magazine to be the online and print form of what had already been established with KJAG Radio and our new TV en-devour in Wichita KS called KCTU 33 The Cool TV.

The IDEA magazine will cover everything from comedy to art to music to all forms of Entertainment. The IDEA magazine features not just press releases and photos with our favorite bands. The IDEA is more than a guy flashing surf’s up hand signs in photos with his favorite musicians. The IDEA magazine features coverage from the world of Hip Hop to Country music. Reviews, photographs from Live concerts, backstage access to musicians,etc.