Nelson AKAWUI Riquelme Catalan is a singer-songwriter of Quebec and Chilean origin. His
father, Nelson Riquelme Pincheira, introduced him to South American folk music at the age of
three years old.
From then on, he spent his childhood busking in the streets of Montreal and Vancouver with
his fathers band, playing Andean music. These experiences along with his deep connection with his Amerindian- Chilean heritage have inspired AKAWUIs unique musical blend.


For urban alternative music lovers of the world, AKAWUI merges many tribal musical genres,
including; cumbia, First Nations and Andean music along with the contemporary sounds of
EDM and Hip-Hop. He blends tribal and modern together. His sound is rich in percussion,
carries an electronic punch while being anchored in folkloric tradition.
His lyrics convey an awakened and uplifting message, at times with an energetic presence
and at other times with a round, romantic sound. His primary goal with his art is to break
down psychological barriers and prove that it is through union and mixing that one grows and
becomes stronger.


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