The Most Unique Project of 2020

Chamz and THEBLKLBL present Tenses: A Period Piece, the American artist’s debut studio project. This 9-track EP is truly unique because it showcases this poet and spoken word artist’s deeply personal and thoughtful work, but layered over a wide range of music and instrumentation. Tenses takes us on a journey across a spectrum of intense topics and human emotion, exploring topics such as depression, suicide, addiction and redemption. Intense, uplifting, melodic……There has been nothing like it this year.

From the upbeat lead single “Pain” to chaotic, mixed tempo of “Addiction” and the deep groove of “The Wake Up”, this project brings a completely different vibe to the music scene. Chamz addresses what most may experience in the areas of relationships, struggle and navigating life’s ups and downs. His music will challenge, inspire and captivate the spirit, appealing to many different audiences across multiple genres and age groups. Don’t be the one who misses on what could be one of the most respected releases of 2020. Listen yourself and decide if it deserves the hype.


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