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Andrew Burton Interview – “All The Lord’s Men” – Tuesday, Aug. 30th

Andrew Burton is an actor, writer, producer, and director who leads his own motion picture
company, Burton Pictures. As a self-taught filmmaker, Burton has made several feature films
including Roma 96, Pan American 1, 2 and 3, Chernobyl High and the most recent, All the Lord’s
Men. In addition to directing all his films, Burton also writes all the studio’s productions.
Burton Pictures, dedicated to producing and delivering high-quality entertainment to audiences
worldwide, focuses on continuously creating original content which it owns, and which provides
avenues to the creation of further content within the company’s cinematic universe. The
entertainment company generates multi-film stories believing that the future of motion picture
storytelling should be through long-form narrative. Through this process, Burton utilizes the
unique attributes of cinema to entertain a global audience.
Andrew Burton’s passion for motion pictures began as a young boy growing up in Oregon. In
addition to being studious, he was an internationally ranked skier who graduated high school
with honors and went on to attend Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. While at the Ivy
League school, Burton took several writing classes including a course where he honed his
screenwriting skills and graduated with an English Degree.
Aside from screenwriting, Burton loves the entire creative process including bringing the
project to fruition through his directing. Whether behind the camera or creating worlds through
his storytelling, he believes that everyone should be given the chance to contribute to their
own genius. Creativity should never be stifled and in his own experience, the best takes during
a shoot are usually “take 1” and “take 2.” He also feels it is important for morale and the film
itself to keep it moving – “shoot fast, don’t storyboard too much, and be open to shots and
ideas coming to you on the day.”
Burton’s final piece of advice to up-and-coming writers and directors is to know what you want
and do that, make sure everyone feels comfortable and maintain good vibes for everyone on
the set.


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