Arrival-The Music of ABBA
The Fox Theatre
Hutchinson, KS
By Lydia Lowe
(photos by Bob Hunter)
      The lights dimmed, the spotlights began swinging around the auditorium, and the sound of a helicopter could be heard in the background. As the lights stabilized and the helicopter sounds faded into the distance, Arrival came onto the stage. 
     I’d never heard the first song that the group sang before, but from then on, it was one hit after another. Knowing Me/Knowing You, Fernando (which the group sang in Swedish and in English) that was a treat. There was an instrumental that the band played while the ladies left the stage for a costume change. It sounded very familiar although the group mentioned that they didn’t think the audience would recognize it. There was SOS, Money/Money/Money, Waterloo, Mama Mia, Chiquitita, and the list goes on and on. There were so many songs that both the first set and the second set included medleys of songs, there were just o many hits.
     The group did a lot of audience participation in the both the first set and second set. In fact, when they came back for an encore, ending the night with Dancing Queen, they brought young girls up on stage to dance with them. Unfortunately on this night there was only one young lady in the audience. But even then, it was a highlight.
     All in all there were three costume changes and the costumes were authentic 70’s garb that ABBA would have worn which only added to the overall effect. Singing these songs, the stage decked out with a disco ball, wearing authentic garb, with the overall look and sound down, it was hard to believe that the audience wasn’t watching the “real” ABBA. All in all, a great night.