Artist: Amari Mar aka Amari Marvelous aka Amari Mar Da God


Artist: Amari Mar aka Amari Marvelous aka Amari Mar Da God

Project: Mixtape

Title: Da God Must B Krazy

Released 31 December 2013

Production: 3 out of 6

Lyrical: 4 out of 6

Concept: 3 out of 6

Overall: 4 out of 6

Guest featuring: Ahkmel Pharod,Been Benson,SalaamDaMc, Mr Chop, Bizzy Bee. Scratches for “On The Mic” by DJ Mr Beatz. Tracks 1,9,10,13,14 produced by Act Won. Tracks 2,5,,6,12,15,19 by Jadin Shropshire. Tracks 3,4,11,17 by Kawikaza. Track 7 produced by Ahkmel Pharod. Track 8 produced by Been Benson. Track 14 produced by Boonie Mayfield. Track 16 produced by Steel Tipped Dove. Recorded/mixed by Rezon “DaHitroom”. Mastered by Rezon with some mastering production from Jason Campbell “Monstaproductions” Cover and back art by DeChazier Stokes-Johnson.


Intro: Hip Hop is so watered down! To the point where you damn near have to dumb your style down just to get into the door! You cannot be serious and have real subject matter anymore. Although C.R.E.A.M. (cash rules everything around me), There are some reasons why we really need to sit back and get back to the base of things.

Enter Amari Mar! BK born and raised emcee With a shopping list of emcees that he admires that honestly makes me smile! With his new mixtape “Da God Must be Crazy” being his follow up to “TOO MANY COOKS SPOIL THE BROTH”, Amari’s lyrical abilities are amazing! No disrespect to the other 4 boroughs, but I feel that any emcee from Brooklyn is automatically expected to Bring it, that is just my opinion, but then again who am I right? LOL!! Amari brings it forreal!

The Good:

It Is nice to see some subject matter other than Money the artist dosent have and cars they cant afford! Amari mixtape keeps your attention like a Wu-Tang CD. You can’t wait for him to say something clever and witty to make grab your Dodgers fitted and Be like “Ohhhhhhhhh!!!” forreal! Makes me reminisce about the mid 90’s of hip hop!

The Bad:

Im a Stickler for Production! Although lyrically he stands out, the production sets the tone for the track! Not saying that the production sucks but a lot of the producers need a little more skill! For example “Prepaid”. When the track starts, the sample (MIA if im not mistaking) is repeating over and over and when the beat drops…… you almost immediately loose interest!

THE 2000 (Overall):

This is my kind of emcee! I would love to work with him on my projects and I would buy this project and any others he releases! Infact I need to find his first project so I can add that to the Ipod! Sometimes simple is better and in this case it is! Amari has bars but if you are someone that likes radio waterdown rap then this is not the guy for you! Justin Beber is more your speed (Can’t stand watered down & Coffee House Emcees forreal!!)! – MR.2000

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