Austin Cistaro
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Austin Cistaro
25-year old musician and producer from upstate NY. I own a record label called SecretFire Records, as well as manage the stage and coordinate the social media accounts and create video content for iMatter festival in Horseheads, NY. I have been a musician for about 17 years now, and I began playing in bands and doing my first small tours in high school, about age 16. Currently I am working toward the progress and success of my record label in terms of creating not only a distribution network, but an entire platform for my artists and bands to take advantage of. So send me your EPK’s and/or Demo submissions to

As far as iMatter goes, that is really where a lot of my focus is this time of the year every year. Our mission is to eliminate our staggering rate of suicidal actions or thoughts in our area as well as the opiate addiction numbers that are now at epidemic levels through a music festival called iMatter. We invite national bands and artists that many people enjoy, and we do it all for the admission price of FREE. This year is the 10th year of iMatter, so it’s a real big one for us. This really allows them to have a sense of belonging and community that they seriously just don’t get at home from their family or friends – the place where you are supposed to feel WELCOME and LOVED. So we provide that for them, and we will continue providing it for them.

I still write and perform my own music with my girlfriend Jackie as well. We will be releasing our first album together in the next 3 months. We will be touring to promote this release in September too, so come out to a show!

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