Listen to KJAG Radio hanks once again for getting back to me about my previous Bikini Test Failure single, “Uncomplimentary”. Here’s another one: BIKINI TEST FAILURE new single: ARE WE HAVING A GOOD TIME YET? (2020) Originally on my first Bikini Test Failure album, this is THE track that got all the attention back in the day. Now during lockdown, remultitracked, remixed, remastered and generally rejiggled, it’s as Fresh-As-Paint™ and I’m really looking forward to foisting it upon a new audience who might have missed it the first time around. But here’s my big story today: twenty-five years after starting Blague Records, I’ve finally made my first “pop” video! It took a month of filming on my iPhone, a week of editing and a global pandemic to make me bother! Hopefully it’ll make you smile and not wince – and either way, it’s a great tune! See what you think; as usual, I’d love to hear your opinions.


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