Black Water Greed

Michael Mundy – Vocals
Rick Risberg – Guitars
Andy Patzer – Guitars
Bill Ford- Bass
JJ Tyson – Drums

Black Water Greed is a five piece band that officially launched as a force in the music industry in Lancaster, PA in 2012 while riding the wave of the wild popularity of the song “Walk Away.” The song, authored by Tyson, chronicles an emotionally unhealthy, insecure relationship that is fraught with jealousy and toxicity…where the best thing to do is to walk away.

Their debut album “Circle Of Sin” produced by David Mobley, features 11 powerful songs, to include the newly mixed and remastered single “Walk Away”. I have attached the two singles ,”Walk Away” and “Concrete Angels Cry” I would appreciate if you would take a moment to give the tracks a listen and give them some exposure on your station. Anything you can do to help, would be greatly appreciated.

Black Water Greed Band Photo.jpg

Black Water Greed

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