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Good Day Mr. or Mrs. Music Director!

I hope you’re doing awesome! 🙂 I hope life is treating you well in Kansas! You’re lucky! The fall colors are beautiful!
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I’ve released a new single called “Superwoman Sway” produced by Grammy winner Philip Larsen. I’d be extremely grateful
if you gave it a listen! I’m super proud of this song! It’s 3:00 long and has a Pop/Reggae/Singer/Songwriter feel! 🙂

Superwoman Sway – Spotify – ;
Superwoman Sway – Apple Music – ;
Superwoman Sway – Soundcloud – ;
Superwoman Sway – Dropbox Link to .WAV file –

More of an Indie/Singer/Songwriter feel to these tracks:
All of the Others – Spotify –
All of the Others – Apple Music –
Wave California – Spotify ;
Wave California – Apple Music – ;
I Miss the Snow –
I Miss the Snow – Apple Music – ;
Dropbox Link to all songs .WAV files – ;

Thank you so much for your time! All the best always! 🙂 By the way, I do have a full length album too. 🙂


Brett Vogel
Singer/Songwriter (New Album Updates!) (Like) (Follow) (Subscribe to the Channel) (Follow) (Music Reviews – Indie Artists)

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