Kansas dog owners, rejoice! Halo with Cesar Millan, the first and only smart collar with smart fences, activity tracking, intuitive training, and GPS location in one, has officially launched in Kansas.

Halo is a 4-in-1 smart dog system built on a mission of “no more lost dogs” and designed with three main goals: safety, communication, and freedom.

The Halo Collar offers four capabilities, making it a first for the industry: 

  1. Halo Smart Fences
  2. Expert Cesar Millan Training
  3. Real-Time Activity Tracking
  4. Best-in-Breed GPS Technology

Did you know that 10 million dogs are lost each year in the US alone? World renowned dog psychology expert and Halo co-founder Cesar Millan says: “With Halo, we give you the peace of mind that your dog is safe before an accident can happen. Combined with my step-by-step 21-day dog training program, the Halo System will teach people to have the best relationship with their dogs, while automatically keeping them safe in any location.”

With its launch in Kansas, Halo’s Smart Fence feature allows users to create fully-closed virtual safe areas that allow your dog to safely roam off-leash inside the Halo Fences you create. Halo’s installation-free Smart Fences make the best in safety accessible to pet owners everywhere—even if they aren’t homeowners. Whether in the yard, at the dog park, at the beach, or on an adventure, Halo provides freedom and safety in any location.


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