CFTC-A Benefit for Autism Awareness of Sterling

Concert For The Cause
A Two-Day Event:
Hutch Vapor-Friday Night
The Double Barrel Grill-Saturday Night
By Lydia Lowe

     Let’s throw a show!  And what a show it was.  It spanned two nights at two different locations and raised an amazing amount for the featured charity: Autism Awareness of Sterling.

     On Friday, four different musicians gathered at Hutch Vapor to play, sing and spread the word about Autism Awareness.  Burgess Martin opened the evening of this all acoustic show with a set of easy listening tunes that had the audience swaying and keeping time to the beat of each and every song.  This was an all ages show and there were lots of children there.  Two little girls, all dressed up in their finest, did quite a bit of dancing during Martin’s set.  They were so much fun to watch. 

     Martin was followed by Bob Colladay who played a variety of different instruments; among them the banjo, the ukelele, the harmonica, and some very inventive humming.  Colladay was so in to the music that at the end, as the bands were loading out, he continued to play and sing until the last person drifted out the door.

     Sean Story  treated us to a couple of songs sang in Kermit the Frog’s voice.  Very inventive and so much fun.  I think that this was probably lost on the kids that were there, but the adults loved it.  Everyone was laughing and having a great time.

     Finally, at the end of the evening, Krista Lundemo sang for us.  She sang cover tunes, she did a take on a Katy Perry song that was awesome and finished her set with an original song she had written.  It was amazing!  Everyone agreed that she needs to record this as a single.  

     Saturday the event moved to The Double Barrel Grill where five more bands took to the stage to continue the party and raise money for Autism Awareness. 

     The evening started out with Capital Avenue from Omaha, who literally pulled into the parking lot, hit the stage and played their set.  Just for that feat alone, they deserve accolades.  Their set was not to be missed.  They did a rap show that covered a variety of musical styles.  It didn’t hurt that they gave their CD’s away for free at the end of the evening, either.  After the show, it was back in the car and off to Wichita for another show, the same evening.

     Inflection, from McPherson, treated the group to heavy metal and I think even if you aren’t a heavy metal fan, you would enjoy their music.  I’m not really into heavy metal and I did enjoy it, alot.  As you can see this weekend covered all types of styles and bands from all over the area.

     The Joy Coffs, from Wichita, treated the audience to a return to punk rock.  They were true to the genre. This is also not one of my favorite genre’s but I could feel myself keeping time to the beat and enjoying the music.  I firmly believe you should go outside your comfort zone where music is concerned and try all types.  You never know when you’ll find a band with a style of music that you don’t usually listen to that will just grab hold of you and not let go.

     And then, of course, there was VOS, Victims of Spotlight.  These guys are amazing.  From their stage presence to their music, to there merchandise.  In fact, they donated some of the proceeds from the sale of their merchandise to Autism Awareness of Sterling.  If you get the chance, check VOS out on the internet. They have a video that they sang, starred in and produced at the McPherson Opera House a few months back and it’s not to be missed.  It’s very professionally produced.  You’ll love it.

     Rounding out the evening, was Death Scene.  Unfortunately, the crowd had dwindled somewhat so they missed out on all the fun, the dancing, the carousing.  Check out Death Scene the next time they play a show, they are lots of fun.  The crowd was on their feet and banging their heads to this group.

    All in all the weekend netted over $1800. for Autism Awareness of Sterling and also got people talking about this and other non-profit causes.  CFTC will throw another special event, similar to this one, in Wichita in April and then back to Hutchinson in May at The Rusty Needle.  Check out the website to find out more.  Don’t forget that the Saturday night summer concert series returns in June.  


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