CFTC-A Benefit for First Call For Help


Stacey Sears of H54F
Concert For The Cause
By Lydia Lowe
(all photo’s by Bob Hunter)
     The concert series may be winding down, but the musical acts and the non-profits are still just as hot as ever. First Call For Help was at the park with the barbecue grill up and running early,, as the bands began to fill up the back stage area and the crowd began to file into the park.
     On this night, Duffy McGee returned to the CFTC stage.  This was one of the most popular groups CFTC had last year and those in the park had turned out in force to get their fix of Duffy McGee.  The band’s music is a mix of bluegrass, jazz, zydeco, country, and rock.  They played original songs as well as cover tunes.  Besides the usual drums, guitars, bass and vocals; this band also features a washboard which always reminds me of New Orleans jazz and zydeco; as well as a banjo which lends a country/western element to the music.  Hard to define but easy to listen too, that would be Duffy McGee, a perennial favorite. 
     Up next was High Five for Fisting (H54F), a group out of Wichita, KS. who classify themselves as an alternative punk rock band.  But they are so much more than that.  They played a variety of different types of songs and you can tell that the band as a whole has a wide variety of influences that feed into the music that they create.  Stacey Sears sings vocals and combining her voice with the tunes that the band lays down makes the group one to watch.  In fact, Stacy and the band opened the concert by singing “America”. H54F has started playing Hutchinson on a regular basis, as of late, so if you didn’t get the chance to check them out at the CFTC event, check them out when they play again in Hutchinson.
Inflection from McPherson, KS.
     Rounding out the evening was Inflection from McPherson, KS. Trent, one of the band members, also did the sound for the evening’s event.  I heard the band during sound check and they are a heavy metal band, who is also a rock band who also defies description, and I mean that in a good way.  I wasn’t sure what the crowd reaction would be like but the crowd was mostly positive.  In fact, one of the ladies working the concession said that she was so happy we had chosen them for the event.  Her son was very musical, playing and singing much of the same type music at home and it did her heart good to hear the tunes the band was laying down.  Hopefully, CFTC will have them back again next year.
     The season is winding down but don’t forget that there are two more concerts left in August and then there will be the big “Thank You” concert the Saturday after the Kansas State Fair.  This is a great way to end the season with free food, drinks and as always the donation jar will be out for an individual in the community.  This year CFTC will be collecting funds for Liam Smalling’s family.

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