CFTC-A Benefit for Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Center

Concert For The Cause
An All Day Music Festival:
The Rusty Needle
By Lydia Lowe
Concert For The Cause kicked off a preview to its summer season on Saturday, May 31 with a school’s out all day music festival at The Rusty Needle.  The concert benefited the Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Center of Hutchinson.  
Held under a big tent on the parking lot of The Rusty Needle, the afternoon session was a family friendly all ages show which featured: Fraktured Black, Hutchinson’s own-Earth to Matilda, Staynlis and The Brian Davis Band which rounded out the afternoon’s entertainment.  
Beginning at 2:00 p.m., Fraktured Black opened the show and half way through their set they did their version of a Kurt Cobain hit, Heart Shaped Box, which was superb.  Earth To Matilda brought their fan base with them and played a couple of original tunes that I loved.   Front man Conner Eaves sang the song Love is Like a Slasher Film, which he wrote with a friend of his and the band previewed a new song that the band had written together with their newest band mate entitled 127.  Staynlis sang a couple of songs from their newest CD, which I thought were outstanding, the tracks were Alive and Pieces.  The Brian Davis Band rounded out the afternoon session with a couple of new experimental tracks that haven’t made it to CD yet, Overcome and Imagine.  I can’t wait until they get those tracks recorded.  The new CD is going to be incredible.  Each band played a 45 minute set and it was hard to believe that it was 5:00 p.m. and the afternoon’s entertainment had come to an end.
After a 45 minute break to change out for the evening’s adult entertainment, the festival started up again with a different set of musical groups.  The evening began with Perpetual Fist, then transitioned into Apathy Syndrome from Des Moines, Iowa; Hutchinson’s own Victims of Spotlight (VOS), Reign in Peril, and rounding out the evening was Hemlock from Las Vegas, Nevada.
At 6:00 p.m. the music took on an edgier turn with Perpetual Fist, who half way through their set did a cover of Bad Girlfriend and they gave it their own spin.  Apathy Syndrome had to be one of the most unusual bands to ever play Hutchinson.  They made a six hour drive to get to the festival and brought their fans on a bus with them.  They had costumes and put on an unusual show for the audience.  Check out the CFTC website for photos of the band.  Just seeing this group alone was worth the price of admission.  Victims of Spotlight AKA VOS) is one of my favorites and I couldn’t wait until they took the stage.  These guys have such a stage presence and the last two shows that I’ve seen them at they’ve done their version of Twilight Zone and had the entire audience on their feet.  Reign in Peril played their final show as a group and it was bittersweet.  The crowd couldn’t get enough and even asked for an encore.  Hemlock rounded out the evening and the crowd energy went up 110%.  Everyone was on their feet and dancing to the beat.  There is a rumor that Hemlock will be back during the state fair and will play The Rusty Needle again.
All in all it was a great day for an outdoor festival and the live music was incredible.  Crowd goers could be heard after the show exclaiming that this was one of the best shows that they’d been to in a long time.  Many of these bands will be playing Concert For The Cause during the summer season, so check out the website for more information and to see photos of Saturday’s event.

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