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Concert For The Cause
By Lydia Lowe
      Concert For The Cause had a rocky week leading up to the Saturday concert.  On Sunday, both of the featured performers, Staynlis and Sara Phoenix cancelled at the last minute.  It’s too bad when bands don’t follow through on their commitments, especially when they make these commitments a year in advance so it’s already on their schedules.  Fortunately, though, there are always those waiting in the wings ready to take advantage of any opportunity and then run with it.  
     Saturday’s show featured Riley and Kathy Withrow and Burgess Martin along with Dominus X.  Kathy filled the park with her friends and acquaintances as well as the CFTC regulars who attend every concert.  Kathy treated us to two hours of 60’s and 70’s classics as well as a variety of country songs from the same era.  Some of the more memorable tunes for me were: Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon and Garfunkel), The Letter (The Box Tops), Silver Threads and Golden Needles (Linda Ronstadt) and The Good Old Days (Roseanne Cash).
     Burgess Martin and his band, Dominus X, along with Burgess’ sister, Burgundy rounded out the evening.  Burgess rearranged his schedule with his employer, Olive Garden, at the 11th hour to perform for CFTC.  A big thank you goes out to Olive Garden for making this happen.
      Burgess and the band, as well as Burgundy, did a great job.  Burgess did his tap guitar method for several original songs he’d composed.  If you haven’t seen Burgess and listened to the songs using his tap guitar method, you’re missing out.  Check him out on YouTube.  There were some concert-goers who were really into the original material and when I mentioned he was playing a guitar, all eyes turned to the stage because it’s hard to believe that he’s getting that sound out of a guitar.  He also played bass and guitar at the same time, and changed it up by using a bow with the guitar.  You just never know how far Burgess will push the envelope.   Burgundy sang a couple of songs and I hope we hear her sing more in the future.  And of course none of this would have been possible without the rest of Dominus X filling in the background tracks.
     It was a first for CFTC as the non-profit, The Red Cross, did not show up to prepare the food or sell drinks.  While we didn’t have food, we did have drinks and we did collect a small donation.  If you haven’t been to CFTC this year, you’re missing out.  You never know where the concert series will go, so if you haven’t checked this downtown Saturday night staple out yet, make it a date to go this coming Saturday night.  The non-profits and weekly concert listing is on the website.  Also, check out the ad’s on the radio at 93.1, SNB Bank’s and HGECU’s electronic signs each week.