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Concert For The Cause
A Two-Day Music Festival:
An Official Smallville Event
By Lydia Lowe 
     The Wandering Madman returned Saturday night to play in Downtown Hutchinson.  Perhaps you saw him when he played Third Thursday, last year.  But if you were like me and missed that show, Saturday night was another chance to check him out.
     A crowd began to form at about 6:00 pm in anticipation of another CFTC show.  The Hutchinson Street Cat Society was the featured non-profit and they had the hotdogs and hamburgers already on the grill.  It was a hot, humid night and liquids were big sellers.  There were also cupcakes from Serendipity Cupcakes and homemade cookies which a couple of young female volunteers sold as they walked through the crowd.  To top off the food for the evening a four-tiered marble cake, decorated to commemorate the Smallville Festival, was donated and at the end of the evening everyone was treated to cake.  
     Fro, The Wandering Madman, began the show promptly at 7:00 pm and he played a variety of songs all the while asking the crowd which they prefered one group/song over another and crowd reaction decided what group and which song he’d play/sing.  He also did something he called “looping” where he played every instrument for every song and gave it his own twist.  Unfortunately, on a song or two his computer didn’t cooperate.  Eventually he turned the overhead screen off and sang the songs using his looping technique that he hadn’t been able to do earlier.  We all enjoyed the extra effort and hearing the songs he had previewed earlier when the computer had some issues.  Fro even managed to play a portion of the Superman theme song on the Kazoo.  
     All in all it was an excellent way to spend a Saturday evening with food, drink, fun, and music with friends.  Over $400 was raised for the Hutchinson Street Cat Society.
     CFTC partnered with The Smallville Festival to become an official event.  On Friday, there was an all day music festival in Avenue A Park that started at 2:00 pm and the music continued until after midnight.  Downtown Hutchinson was the featured non-profit in the afternoon and The Boys and Girls Club was the featured non-profit in the evening.
     The line-up Friday featured: Burgess Martin, Kaleaha B., Keyboy, Earth to Matilda, Felicia, Dominus X, Nick McKuen and the 33, The Joy Coffs, and Without Sacrifice. 
     Don’t forget that Concerts For The Cause will return this Saturday night in Avenue A Park for another concert.  Check out the website and the Facebook page for more information.  Our featured non-profit will be The Boys and Girls Club. 
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