About Hemlock:
Hemlock is a Hardcore and Heavy Metal Groove band from Las Vegas, NV. Founded in 1993, the music is always hard, heavy, loud, rowdy, and fun! Hemlock’s lyrics are always driven to spread a positive and upbeat message to the masses.

Hemlock has done years of non-stop headline touring. They have also done many tours and live shows with almost every single awesome metal band you can think of including SLAYER, Slipknot, Hatebreed, KoRn, Meshuggah, Obituary, Machine Head, Gojira, Arch Enemy, Disturbed, Chimara, System Of A Down, Snot, Soulfly, Sepultura, Danzig, Testament, Megadeth, Anthrax, TypeONegative, Otep, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Suicidal Tendencies, DRI, Trivium, and TONS more.

Within the last few years Hemlock has globe-trotted doing tours around the globe with bands including Pro-Pain, DevilDriver, Ministry, Hed PE, Incite, Holy Grail, Davey Suicide, Florence Black along with many headlining dates.

Current Line-up:
Chad Smith – Lead Vocals, Bass
Brian Smith – Drums
Tevon Giannini – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Brian Jackson – Guitar, Backing Vocals

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