Concert For The Cause

Concert For The Cause:
Featuring Bottom Feeder and VOS (Victims of Spotlight)
Avenue A Park
Hutchinson, KS
© Lydia Lowe 2013

    We’ve all heard the phrase, “the show must go on”.  Concert For The Cause took this phrase to heart and instead of a second rained out show, the show went on in spite of the rain.  Two of the bands arrived, on time, in the rain, and ready to play.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the McPherson Bag Pipe Band was not in attendance.

      Bottom Feeder and VOS (Victims of Spotlight) decided to go ahead and play rain or shine.  As they began to set up for the concert,  a crowd of hearty die-hard concert goers, fans and some new folks arrived for the show, ready to stay to hear the music.  After all, a concert was planned and they had come to hear it.  Mel Hambleton showed up with the free ice cream van, too.
     The concert was reassembled and everything took place entirely under the gazebo.  The bands sang and played, the concert goers got an up close and personal show.  Even though there was no hot food or drinks this evening, everyone enjoyed the free ice cream.  

     If you attended on Saturday night, you also got to see a couple of other interesting things.  There was a fire breather on hand.  This got the crowd energized.  One of the band members performed a feat of daring with his wife, a couple of roses and a whip.  This very trusting lady placed a rose in her mouth and held a rose behind her back while her husband, one of the band members, took a whip and in one crack of that whip removed both roses from their stems.  The crowd ooh’d and awe’d over that one.

     Saturday’s concert at Avenue A park had it all.  There was rock music, food, and a carnival atmosphere for all to enjoy on a rainy night in the middle of summer.  Once again, if you miss a week, you miss a lot. 

     Next weeks featured bands will be: Duffy Magee and Raging Sea.  The non-profit will be: The Boys and Girls Clubs.  Come out to Avenue A Park on Saturday night for music, food, drinks, ice cream, and fun!  It’s all to support a great local cause.

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