Monday, September 26, 2022
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On the heals of the CD/Album RAYBANS IN THE RAIN  magical reception, Rebecca DGD a.k.a dawgonedavis has Released a brand new  high-speed single. LOVE’S BOSS.   The song is a true to life litany of DGDs  young-kid capers and married life blunders. Stealing daddy’s cigarettes and the  Older siblings getting blamed, was and is classic “baby Becca,” spoiled rotten to the core existence    Romain Duchein’s guitar solo comes in and is worth the wait.  Romain takes on the task of blazing through DGD’s nutball life.  And, of course, Chago G Williams matches Davis’ youngster lasafaire attitude of … run over the neighbor’s mailbox and then stealthily scram.

  Jack T Perry on the drums gives a different, fast feel every time out.  Twenty three songs later, with Hellmmut Wolf on the Sax or flute, a life for all its own supports and thrashes most rock song for DGD.   Hellmut and DGD are on a non-stop  bold trek that marches all around  the world.  Grabbing up Canada and the USA too.  The bountiful Canadians cannot get enough of early 2022 song revering  The Guess Who and Burton Cummings. Titled APPRECIATION.    As every rock and roller says, “turn it up” because we mean NOW!


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