Dilan Jay


“Better Days” by Dilan Jay is an undeniably feel-good song that speaks to the indomitable human spirit, inspiring hope when tragedy strikes. Written from his personal life, the song was born from an incident wherein Dilan lost literally everything all at once: his home, family support, car, and money. With COVID-19 rampaging peoples’ lives globally, a song whose call-to-action is perseverance and hope couldn’t be more timely, and it’s all but guaranteed to raise spirits. Dilan Jay classifies as an urban singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist, and hip hop musician, whose albums and songs have generated over 170,000 Spotify streams, 131,000 social media followers, and millions of Youtube views, on top of a hit on the Billboard Charts and a #1 on MTV’s Most Popular Music Videos. Dilan’s vision is to impact the world through clean urban-influenced music that mixes swoony, fun acoustic vibes with catchy tunes and occasional hip hop.


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