PUBLIUS GUEST AUTHOR:C.B. Shiepe, author of Cliff Falls: The Missing Pieces Edition. Shiepe’s award-winning novel CLIFF FALLS reaches a broad audience and resonates with readers who have gone over the falls in their own lives. “A palpable, gritty experience of redemption. So real. Art imitating life. Well done!” – Amy Grant, Grammy Award-winning Singer and Songwriter

What do you do when you go through a health crisis that separates you from everything you’ve put your identity in? How do you find inspiration when your life seems to be falling apart? If you ask author C.B. Shiepe, you listen to the music of Amy Grant.

Shiepe, who was featured in a recent issue of Guideposts Magazine, overcame a mysterious autoimmune illness that had him sidelined for years. During that time, one voice in particular ministered to him, as he struggled to get better and wrote his popular novel Cliff Falls. That voice was Amy Grant.

“The thing about Amy is that her lyrics are real. They enter that space of isolation and remind us that we’re not alone. That’s so much of what I’ve tried to do with my own writing.”

“When you go through a trial, you discover right away that you have no use for anything that isn’t real. You see the difference in a new way and you ask hard questions about long-held beliefs, ‘Restoration, healing, unconditional love and self-worth, are those things real?’ Amy’s music and lyrics helped me wrestle with those questions at a time when I needed that stuff to be true. It acknowledged my reality.”

So, you can imagine his surprise years later when Amy offered to endorse his novel. “Her quote is on the cover. The idea that she understood the story of redemption and called it real, were the very words and qualities that she had reached me with.” 

Author C.B. Shiepe has found himself in good company.  On the “Books to Change Your Life” shelf inside historic Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena, sits Cliff Falls: The Missing Pieces Edition – right next to The Alchemist and Tuesday’s with Morrie

“This is a book you can give to someone who is struggling with self-hatred and the lies written on their heart,” says Shiepe. “It’s almost a self-help book, but it’s fiction, with drama, humor and some romance.”

“This is a story about a man taking control of his life and destiny,” said Allison K. Hill, CEO of the American Booksellers Association. “An inspirational story by an equally inspirational author.”

“I’ve spoken at colleges, recovery centers, rotary and book clubs, and you know what? When it comes to the hurt and healing, we are all the same. At one point or another, we all go over the falls.”

That metaphor of “the falls” has served Shiepe well in articulating the soul of the novel. “One woman came up to me and said she had lost her job recently as a space engineer. What she realized was that she hadn’t just lost a job, she had lost her identity. Where do you go from there?”

The question of who we are when we are separated from everything, we’ve put our identity in, was the driving force behind this novel. It seems more relevant now than before. And it is also a reminder to Shiepe as he starts his book tour, that there is a greater purpose at work here.

“I know that isolation that people are feeling right now. This book was born out of it. What the world is experiencing, I have already been through. When your world gets so small, you’re forced to confront yourself, asking questions about your value and worth and who you are apart from your job. Challenges are opportunities for transformation.”

Shiepe has produced the audiobook with his first choice as narrator, Santino Fontana (Prince Hans in Disney’s Frozen, Tony Award-winning Tootsie, audiobook Narrator, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes – Hunger Games). “Santino is so talented and in demand. My hope is to now use the spoken word to deliver this message of redemption to those who are isolated and need to hear it most.” 

“In these times, people don’t know where the hope is coming from. But it will come, sometimes from unexpected places—and we have to keep our eyes open and be looking for it. That’s what I decided to do.”

“And that’s what we ALL have to do right now. This isn’t just about a book, it’s about hope and believing that we all have a future and that there is a purpose in these difficult and transformative times.” 

There’s a prayer that Amy says every day, “God lead me today to those I need. And those that need me. And let something I do have eternal significance.”

Shiepe is clear, he isn’t a guru, just another traveler on that road who has learned something about making your way through the storms of life. “Even if you have a life that is pretty perfect and trouble free, this book has a message for you. Like one of Amy Grant’s songs. Everyone can take away a message.” PLUG C.B. Shiepe’s award-winning novel – CLIFF FALLS – reaches a broad audience and resonates with readers who have gone over the falls in their own lives. Shiepe has garnered much media attention, appearing on NBC, PBS, TBN, Hour of Power, in Guideposts Magazine, at the LA Times Festival of Books, and at speaking engagements across the country, including the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, CA where actors performed scenes from his novel. @clifffallsbook

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