Elizabeth Sanders 6/4/2017

Elizabeth Sanders, Founder and CEO, makers of all-natural moisturizing goat milk soaps

that are water-free, toxin-free and made with 100% raw goat milk and without any color additives, is an

entrepreneur who turned a hobby into a business with customers across the USA and world by offering scented

and unscented goat milk soaps that are lustrously creamy and healthy for skin., the #1 beauty

and fashion blog, reviewed her company’s soaps as “superior” and available at a “shockingly affordable price.” is based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where Elizabeth with help of technologically

gifted husband Nick spearheading design, website and operational support, offers soaps, creams and lip balms

of unsurpassed highest quality. also introduced “Healthy Pets” line of goat milk shampoo

soaps, primarily for dogs and cats. Elizabeth homeschools the couple’s 4 sons, aged 1 to 5. In her community

activities, she bakes and donates cookies and cakes for a men’s rehabilitation center and at is

supportive of our troops by adding free soap to any orders received with a U.S. military address.

Raised in Minnesota, where she was born, and Wisconsin, where her family moved when she was 14, Elizabeth

was homeschooled and self-educated in a small farming village where she became a devotee of the Plain People

Church (similar to Amish). A decade later she left the church to marry non-member Nick. When in Wisconsin,

she formed after years of training horses for rugged farm work and gentleness for families

with children. She also volunteered as a horse handler for use with challenged/disabled children. Working

outdoors in wintry Wisconsin, her hands would crack, but healed as she began making goat milk soap.

Elizabeth knew others could benefit from her wonderful natural toxin-free soaps, so began.

Elizabeth is now a fashion-forward skincare advocate with loyal customers reporting her moisturizing soaps

help dry, sensitive skin and conditions from eczema to psoriasis. Her company name reflects a time growing up

when farmers called the distance to ride to town as a “horse-a-piece up the road,” a term she adapted to reflect

her love of horses and peaceful nature to be as she journeys to achieve the American Dream.

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