Dr. Barry Taylor is a trained Naturopathic Physician and healer who has practiced Naturopathic Medicine since 1978.

His conventional and alternative diagnostic and therapeutic skills have continually proven successful with many complicated conditions such as weight management, allergies and compromised immune functioning, hormone imbalances as well as digestive and musculoskeletal challenges.

He is passionate about educating, guiding, and teaching his clients, how to make healthy, effective choices that keep them mentally and physically strong, and vital throughout their lives.

Craig Cecilio, is the CEO & Founder of DiversyFund which is a tech-enabled platform that allows the everyday investor to build wealth like the 1%. Cecilio is a markets Influencer and public speaker who is has been featured on Bloomberg Radio, in US World & New Report, and the NYSE. He is host of the Driven To Win Podcast.


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