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Free Form Embroidery
Judith Baker Montano
© Lydia Lowe  2013

    I enjoy all aspects of embroidery and I’ve made no secret of that over the years.  So I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this book.  Judith Baker Montano books never disappoint and this one doesn’t either.  If you are looking for a good all around embroidery book for reference, this is the book for you.

     The author covers everything from tools and supplies to threads and ribbons, yarns, fabrics, the various needle types and what they are used for, as well as how to prepare your hoop for stitching.  Montano takes plenty of time explaining the various stitching techniques through diagrams as well as written descriptions.  She shows you how the stitch begins, progresses, and finally what it looks like when completed.  Primarily all of her stitching reflects the natural world around us: trees, shrubs, vines, weeds, grasses, underwater flora and fauna, and botanicals.

     There is a section on how to think “like a painter” because that is what the stitcher is doing, painting with thread.  From here the author launches into photo prep and how you, the stitcher, can now apply what you’ve learned to actual hand stitching and embroidery.  Montano goes step by step from the photo she’s chosen throughout the process, so that you can see how everything is done.

     This book is another in Montano’s wonderful series of embroidery books.  I think if you are a beginner or an advanced stitcher, you will gain knowledge from this book.