Arizona Rock/Metal

GWAR from Arizona

The Rialto

A good 18 years since witnessing the great Gwar on TV, what used to be real music television back in the
90’s, known as MTV and today in the very present I will have opportunity to see Gwar live, on stage, up
close and in my face and still I had no idea what to expect or see.

Arriving at the venue approximately 2 hours before Gwar would be taking the stage I decided to wander
through various parts of the venue, seeing some I knew and more that I didn’t but giving myself the
opportunity to strike up conversations with whomever welcomed my presence. Enjoying the constant
chitter chatter anywhere I turned, listening and taking it all in we all had one purpose, a commonality
and excitement for the main and final act to take the stage and give us a show that would end up being
very orgasmic.

It’s just about that time, as I make my way through the crowd to post and prepare, I look back into the
crowd and its growing and chanting….Gwar….Gwar….Gwar….Gwar….no care in the world, the audience
filled with all ages, races, sizes and sexes sharing that one common bond, Music,

For a moment the stage semi lit and just as quick the stage went dark, the crowd behind me going wild,
they know, it’s about to happen and before I could take cover and shield myself from the amounts of
red being sprayed out into the audience I too had been hit, Gwar had erupted in their most grotesque,
science fiction, horror film inspired attire and the red continuing to shower us in large amounts, the
audience getting more and more rowdy as if they were asking for it and in a sick twisted kind of way
they were.

So dramatic, so graphical and the language so vulgar the performance was far from being PG 13 but
more like rated R with a slight twist of x-rated that included peeling the skin from women mannequins
to expose the muscle mass underneath and red shooting out from the nipples, beheading various known
icons such as President Obama or Adolf Hitler and shooting out from the necks, Jesus Christ on the cross
and within moments de-skinned, legs and arms removed and red just gushing out of all possible orifices,
even the lead singer with his ginormous penis strap on cuming profusely with red all over the audience.

The show was a high energy melodramatic heavy metal concert full of surprises and never a dull
moment. There is truly no amount of words if any that can describe or come close to what took place,
what I saw with my own eyes or do this performance justice. This is one of those events that has to be
witnessed live by oneself to feel, see and hear the experience. Seeing them on TV about 18 years ago
vs. seeing them live is so night and day and gives me a better understanding what the hype was all about
back in the day.

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