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Hawaii is looking good and CAMU is Back w/ #2 of His Trilogy. “The One You Leave Behind”

Listen to the Interview via Talkshoe

Super excited because now has released his second single/video “The One You Leave Behind” which continues to tell his story. He has quite an interesting story to tell! (If you do an interview ask him about the waterfall experience… scary!)

Would love a News Post but by all means, let me know if you are interested in an INTERVIEW by email or Phone/Skype.
FYI: CAMU is in Hawaii so that is PST I believe. Thank you again and I look forward to the New Year with you! Song River

*CAMUs’ first release “Empire State of Sound” now has over 32 K on Spotify and his next hit out of his trilogy, “The One You Leave Behind”, is climbing rapidly. CAMU is proving great music/lyrics and heart of rock can make its defining mark.

CAMU says Part 2 of this Trilogy is about, “Giving into the universe and grabbing life by its balls and riding that wave from infinity till beyond if you dare. Trust me, you’ll be better than fine. Life is magical so enjoy it.” “The One You Leave Behind” is a bittersweet song. It does show when life leads you to dig deep… it can completely change you. As CAMU says, “Your gut feeling is fire. Don’t make plans just do.”

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