How to Watch UFC Fights Without


For years, if you wanted to enjoy watching UFC fights between your favorite contenders, it
required you to pay a hefty monthly fee for cable TV. Fortunately, there are several new choices
available due to the availability of online streaming, allowing you to tune in and cheer on your
favorite fighters at an affordable price. One of these includes Hulu but there are a number of
others to consider too. Understanding more about these services and their features should help
you make a sound decision on the best option for your preferences.

Advantages of Cutting Cable To Watch UFC Fights
You can gain several benefits by ditching cable to watch UFC fights on a streaming service.
One of the top advantages is the money affordability factor. Spending a portion of your income
on cable TV can cost well over $100 monthly and typically ranges between $150-$200,
depending on the packages you’re getting. Choosing one of the online streaming packages
listed below can cut this expense by 50 percent or more.
Another reason why streaming can be preferable is the elimination of contracts. Signing up for
cable TV typically involves promotional pricing that’s tied to a specific amount of time. One
problem with this type of service is the fee you may get stuck with if you want to exit a service
early. You won’t find this unwanted obligation using a streaming service and can cancel when
you’d like. Here’s a list of streaming services you may want to examine based on price and the
number of channels they have:

The first choice available to watch UFC online without cable is ESPN+. It’s affiliated with ESPN
but acts as a standalone service. Subscriptions begin at about $5 monthly or $50 annually and
get you the UFC Fight Nights full lineup. However, it’s important to note that PPV matches are
exclusive to the ESPN+ service. If you subscribe to ESPN or ESPN2 with another service, you
won’t have access to watch PPV matches. If you’re a massive fan of the UFC, this factor may
be a top reason why you’ll want to choose ESPN+ over other options.

Sling TV
Sling TV is a popular streaming service for watching UFC fights due to its affordability. Available
in three package options, you might want to choose the most inexpensive, Sling Orange, which
offers ESPN and ESPN2. This package costs $30 a month and includes 30+ channels.
Selecting this option is probably your best bet at saving money if you’re on a budget. It offers
every UFC event airing on ESPN and ESPN2 for the lowest price compared to other streaming

Hulu with Live TV
ESPN and ESPN2 are also available via Hula with Live TV. It costs $64.99 monthly and has
over 60 channels, ranging from news, sports and local programming. With your subscription,
you can utilize the streaming service by watching it on your big screen using Apple TV, Roku
and other streaming devices or access the WatchESPN app when you’re using a mobile device.
Choosing Hulu with Live TV is most suitable for individuals who also enjoy having access to
local content. If you want this type of streaming along with a few great cable channels, it may be
the best choice for you.

Using the AT&T TV NOW service is another option you may want to consider. It’s similar to
other services, but it only includes ESPN. The base package is the lowest-priced option, starting
at $64.99 monthly for 40+ channels. Choosing it provides you access to ESPN and other
popular networks like HBO, TNT and USA. You can stream the service on mobile devices,
Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and more.

YouTube TV
Costing $50 monthly and offering 70+ channels, YouTube TV provides its subscription service
through popular devices like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and mobile devices. ESPN and
ESPN2 are available with this package, allowing you to watch all regular UFC fights aired via
online streaming. The subscription offers an excellent mobile app and includes several other
networks like TNT, USA and AMC.

Deciding on the streaming service appropriate for your viewing tastes may come down to cost,
the number of extra channels or device availability. Utilizing any of the options listed should
provide hours of extreme fighting and entertainment.

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