What is your music about?

Song of love’ s music is sexy prophetic metal We believe this world needs more orgasms and sexy feelings to be happier. We believe that this world in on the wrong path ad the worse is that most people are not realising this. We believe that study of the prophecy is an amazing way to see where we are going We believe that metal is one of the only style of music that is no much corrupt from the fake music world out there

What makes your muic different?
Song of love’ s music is different because today most music sounds amazing but the inspiration is gone, it is all about making money Most bands today sound the same. The music industry had made people believe that just because something is new it is better but like wine true music gets better with age

What is your message?
The message of Song of love is that we want the world to be sexually released and enjoying their sexual life fully Today people are getting more stuck up and legalists We need to open and release orgasmic energy to the world for more peace and happiness Song of love believe that there are events going on around us that were told in advance

What do you think of the world today?
The world today in on a wrong path people are more self centered thus there is less love in the world less expression of affection It seems to be all about oneself one’s interest the world of music is very much affected and many bands do not play real music anymore. Song of love bring fresh inspired music not influenced by the record companies.

How can your music change people?
Song of love’ s music and other bands music can change your day I have had bad days and listening to good music my day was changed I started to feel amazing i was full of hope and happiness and i felt that everything was possible. As one feels and believes then all things can beome possible, all your dreams can become true, all your aspirations can become reality

What is most important for you?
What is more important for Song of love is that i have heard bands like Manowar receiving letters people saying that their music helped them no commit suicide that they had hope again and that your life can change for the best I hope Song of love ‘s music can do that or people too Thank you for your time

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