Iran:Expect War in Weeks
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Ted Shoebat

TOPIC-A PERFECT SANDSTORM: Atoms of Middle East War Colliding

Even for those who have spent decades monitoring the Middle East and the Arab–Israeli dynamic, ongoing events in the past year and a half since the start of the ‘Arab Spring’ have inspired a heightened sense of anxiety.

Now, while Syria continues its bloody tailspin, forcing U.N. envoy Kofi Annan to give up on peace there and announce his resignation, Israeli and other media sources have reported that Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (pictured) has warned his country’s military chiefs to expect “war within weeks.”

Is all this writing on the wall pointing to a manifest destiny?

Three of the sharpest experts on the subject are available for interviews to discuss this unsettling likelihood. You can book them individually, or together as a powerful panel.

James Hutchens, a retired U.S. Army General, Israeli–U.S. relations analyst and President of the JerUSAlem Connection offers a perspective built on a lifetime of experience studying the region.

Looking at Iran, Syria, Egypt and other hot zones around the Jewish state, “(Israeli) Prime Minister (Benjamin) Netanyahu says, ‘Israel can counter any threat.’ Further, he suggests the possibility of a preemptive strike when he says, ‘Ultimately, true defense is the ability to attack and deter the enemy.’

In other words, the best defense is a good offense. Make no mistake. A battle of monumental proportions—yes, of Biblical proportions, is looming large. It is not a matter of ‘if,’ but ‘when’.”

Reinforcing Hutchens’ view is Bible prophecy expert, political analyst and author, Bill Salus, who has been studying the Middle East’s tension buildup more closely than ever the past several years.

Looking at Syria in particular, for example, he says, given the rapid erosion of Assad’s regime, “Assad now has three options: seek political asylum; perform ethnic cleansing on the rebels with chemical weapons; or attack Israel to draw in Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran. …Make no mistake. A Mideast regional conflict of epic Biblical proportion could be stage-setting.”

Finally, Theodore (Ted) Shoebat is the son of a former Muslim terrorist who was once a Muslim Brotherhood activist and PLO member. With a unique depth of knowledge of Islamic nations, Shoebat finds it problematic that the Obama administration is quietly funding the Syrian rebels.

He writes in his latest blog (at

“The rebels in Syria are trying to topple the regime of Arab nationalist dictator Bashar al-Assad, and replace it with an Islamic fundamentalist state, governed under the Sharia code. Reports have shown that crimes such as kidnapping, murder, and torture, have been committed with the perpetrators screaming ‘Allahu Akbar,’ ‘Death to unbelievers,’ and other Islamic proclamations. Yet America is now funding them.

…the Muslim Brotherhood is supplying weapons and ammunition for the rebels to end the regimen of al-Assad; in other words, we are supporting the cause of our very enemies.”


Theodore (Ted) Shoebat is the son of Walid Shoebat, a former PLO terrorist. At age 16, Ted released his first book In Satan’s Footsteps, which has been followed up with, For God or For Tyranny, available now. Ted grew up in the U.S., in Northern California, attending the public school system. Because of his conservative and religious upbringing, he often struggled with his teachers and fellow students. He personally witnessed Holocaust denial, anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in the schools and his defense of Israel and the Jewish people made him a victim of ridicule and mockery.

At such a young age, Ted was inspired due to challenges and frustrations he faced from public schools he attended. Not only was he bombarded with criticism for his conservative and religious beliefs, but they also attempted to squelch his expression by labeling him with a psychological condition known as Asberger’s syndrome.

Though the educational community thought it a stigma, Ted took it with pride, since it is said that Bill Gates and Albert Einstein were also diagnosed with Asberger’s, a personality that includes such positive human behaviors as loyalty, honesty and bluntness. Ted is the primary contributor for this amazing work of research and polemic—For God or For Tyranny. It is a timely work, based on the current state of our nation and the pivot point in the direction that America might take. What is even more amazing is Ted Shoebat was only 18 years old when this, his second book, went into publication.

Date Recorded: 8/8/2012

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