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The Stiefel Theatre
Salina, KS
© Lydia Lowe 2013


Judy Collins is nothing but class.  She hit the stage and the crowd burst into huge applause with the opening notes of Judy’s first song, “Song for Judith (Open the Door)”.  She followed this with “Both Sides Now” which was a crowd favorite.  She followed this with an acapella number, “Oh I Had A Golden Thread” and her voice rang out clear and strong throughout The Stiefel Theatre.  She sang several songs acapella throughout the evening.

What was great about this show is that it was Judy, her guitar, and her music.  It was like we were sitting around in her livingroom and she was giving us an impromptu concert.  Her piano player provided background music and background vocals on some of the songs.  And at one point Judy played the piano for a couple of songs.  At no point in the set did she take a break and the stamina involved in a one woman show, singing every song for nearly two hours is an amazing test of her gift.  In fact the longer she sang, the more energy she seemed to draw from the audience.

Throughout the evening, between songs, Judy told stories about her life and the amazing songwriters that she had worked with throughout the years.  She spoke of her friendship with Woody Guthrie and sang a song that Guthrie wrote for his son Arlo when he was a baby, entitled “Dry Now”.  Many of her stories, like this one, had the audience laughing out loud.  She sang a Jimmy Webb song, “Campo de Encino” which was simply magic in words and music.  Between the stories and the incredible music, truly Judy Collins is a performer for the ages.