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Wayne G is the name I rap under because it’s in my name! I made the mixtape: Da Bud_The Chicago Interpretation which had features from Mr.CEO who currently performs under Bruce Levi, who use to perform as Lo down G, and ScruHef, may his soul rest in peace! The song I produced for ‘Da Bud’ was “My Downfall Came”. The other original songs “Loyalty first”, “The Mystery Exists” and “Focused on Life” were produced by Diar Lansky from Die4Productions. The album, which is unreleased at this point, which was solely created and produced by me and Mr.White of the worldwidefamoclick and d line production is titled ‘Screams of the Blackman’ and a complilation entitled ‘Mr.White Pressure from the Basement’. Both should be coming out soon.

In current production is the teamlightskin mixtape, ‘Somebody Leaked the Mixtape-TLS’ feat. Dave In The K, ScruHef, Bear, and Wayne G. As well as the Wayne-G ChronicOz documentary directed by MLA and soundtrack on pace to drop early next quarter. I also have been working on the “Live from the G on a Dollar” project with JWoods and Charles N Charge with the banging single “Derrick Rose Back Anthem”. So in a nutshell the Wayne G experiment is in full effect. Find me @efilafcrazy on twitter, Efilaf on Instagram, and Efilaf Cloths( ) on Facebook. Download the Wayne G music app on ReverbNation

( ) ,famo take care of famo, so im straight.

Remember I am just a man “God writ it, I spit it”. Order something, buy something, or download something, support the art…baby!

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Wayne G is from Chicago, IL and represents the city well. Wayne G is a deep artist that represents people of all walks who struggle and strive on a daily basis. With his music, he hopes to uplift the down trodden and the youth, and to state reality as it is from the streets of his upbringing, to the world at large.

Wayne G has a catalog of music available; three mixtapes: “Da Bud_The Chicago Interpretation” , “G ChronicOz” and “trying to find my happy place” all can be found on DatPiff and Youtube.

Wayne G has released two solo projects “The Blackman Screams EP” and “Addicted to Wayne G” which are available on most online music hubs. Wayne G has just recently release the collaboration project with Diar Lansky entitled “WYBA”which is picking up steam due to some of latest singles such as “Where the weed at” and “Upperclassmen” and the they are in the progress of making a sequel to the album(#WYBA)

Wayne G has a humanitarian heart as seen in his clothing line EFILAF which stands for, For All Those Living In Flawed Environments, it is spelt backwards due to the emphasis in trying to change the situation. Lastly, we appreciate the opportunity to share and showcase this music with you.

WayneG MusicBox

g dollar entertainmint

F.inally A. M.usical O.pportunity for me.

The group was started by Wayne G three years ago with the hopes of making music to be heard around the globe hince the Worldwide part all artist born and raised in chicago and we still live here the music is in tune with the walk of today’s generation with over 100 songs recorded the album coming soon pressure from the bassment all the songs were produced by mr white and wayne g so be on the look out for that Wayne G solo project “Screams of the Blackman” but you can get Tha Bud “da chicago interpretation” mixtape right now…..famo take care of famo.


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