I would like to introduce to you:  Matthew Lewellin –  Matthew  (Vocals, lyrics; backing guitar) has developed a stage persona called (MAntis), in which he is reminiscent of the likes of David Bowie, charisma like Maynard Keenan and Ozzy. He emphasizes original songwriting and stage presence and has played and performed the southern california club circuit for more than ten years.   Other members include James Sweet- on guitars, Peggy Murphy – Bass and Dennis O’Hara, drums
Attached is the single “Painted Lady” from the CD titled “Melodic”
“Painted Lady” is about an adventurous teen girl who graduates and immediately wants to establish her life in CA. in pursuit of being a model.  Instead of a glamorous, easy glittery life, she finds the opposite, she has to compromise her dignity, her morals and sexually manipulated to get to the top.

We’d appreciate it if you would give the track a listen and give us some exposure on your station.  Should you need anything else, please let me know 

“Painted Lady” on Spotify  
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