MarcMakers 10/23/2022


About this  Release:

MarcMakers began as a musical experiment in a small New York City apartment. Founding members Nate Kohrs and Reed Waddle had met at a recording session in SoHo and decided to spend a few days writing and recording. The results of those early sessions in New York were the seeds of what was to become MarcMakers.

Now based in Los Angeles, incorporating styles ranging from pop, to rock, grunge, folk and even electronica, MarcMakers strives to create a musical universe without boundaries; a universe guided by inspiration, instinct and emotion. Unique production and fearless vocals are the hallmarks of their creative and innovative approach to music making.

To be released through boutique independent Label 201A Records on October 7th 2022Higher”is an explosive iteration of this boundary breaking musical world and is the second release from MarcMakers. It follows up their debut single, Outta My Mind” (2021).

Fans of OneRepublicImagine Dragons, and The 1975 will enjoy Higher”.

Look for it October 7th, 2022 released in conjunction with the “Higher”music video, featuring custom SFX Macro Photography by Jeremy Pitman and Lliam Murphy. Created in collaborationwith Live Action Unit Director of Photography, Takako Ida, & Live Action Unit Creative Director, Thomas Goze, the Music Video was Written, Directed & Produced by Dana Newell, and Edited by Jeremy Pitman.

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