Guest: Matt Bruce, Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host and Radio Voice of the Tea Party

TOPIC-Is The Mainstream Media A Credible Source Anymore

Interview Opportunity: Matt Bruce, Author and Retired Fire Captain, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host

As we get closer and closer to the elections in November, we will see more and more campaign commercials and media coverage regarding the candidates. The question is how reliable is any of it?

The media has a great opportunity to skew the truth and support a specific candidate, as opposed to just staying neutral and letting the candidates talk about their issues. Not all the media is like this but it does happen more so than not. For instance many feel MSNBC leans very liberal while FOX leans conservative.

Recently with the Aurora, CO shootings taking place ABC News Reporter Brian Ross incorrectly and inaccurately reported that the shooter was a member of the Colorado Tea Party. The big problem with this inaccurate reporting was the person Ross found spelled his name differently, ‘Jim’ instead of James, also was a black man and NOT a white man which is the case for the shooting suspect.

Plus we also found out that the alleged shooter was a registered Democrat voter, something most news agencies haven’t told you about, because the progressive left mainstream media would lead you to believe that only Conservative Tea Party individuals could be capable of doing such a horrible act, based on their own political agenda.

More and more, every day, people can go to Factcheck or Politifact and find out inaccuracies with almost every political ad being played on TV or Radio by both the Obama and Romney Presidential Campaigns.

The credibility gap is widening as more news agencies seek to ‘scoop’ eachother with sensationalism in news reporting by inserting their own political agenda into their reporting and ‘editorializing’ the news story.

This is something we MUST seek to avoid for those of us who make every attempt to be accurate and credible with our news reporting.

This is only one of the reasons more and more people are going to the Internet and credible Conservative news blogs like Breitbart, The Blaze, New Media Journal, Red County and others to get their news every day.

Our progressive left mainstream news media and the alphabet soup networks have brought all of this onto themselves by stopping being accurate and credible, not checking and rechecking plus verifying their news sources before they put them out as news stories. As a result we get ‘editorializing’ of our news coming from an agenda driven progressive left mainstream media.

Meet Author and Retired Fire-Rescue Captain Matt Bruce
Matt Bruce is the Radio Voice of the TEA Party across America
Nationally Syndicated Radio Show Host
To learn more about Matt Bruce and “The Captain’s America” radio show visit his website at

Date Recorded: 8/12/2012

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