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Matthew Bora

Matthew Bora Writer,Producer,Director


“FINAL WAR” Genre Action – Adventure Synopsis An underground mercenary military specialist comes in possession of Nuclear Bombs and Missiles, their locations and launch codes, which happens to be coming from Iran. The specialist, who goes by the name of “Kofu” is an African Military war commander and has the intentions of making a very large amount of cash by selling these Secret-Codes back to the United States Government. Normally, Secret-Codes and information for Nuclear missiles and their locations would gain any individual a significant amount of money even in a time of peace. However, if the Nuclear bombs were to be aimed, planted to go off in undisclosed locations in the United States, then money would be no object in gaining sensitive information on the missile codes and their locations. Ultimately, to prevent a Nuclear Holocaust would be paramount. Kofu decides to formulate a plan to facilitate a possible war between Iran and the U. S. To achieve this goal he hires the best assassins from around. In the underground world they are called: C-4. Their alias names are Nefarious, Asia, Crimson, and Latin and they have No equal. Their job is to murder the Iranian President while coming to visit the U.N. and blame the U.S. for the dirty deed. They formulate a very creative way of getting to building roof tops as snipers to assassinate him on his arrival. Jack Cutter is a dashing cop in his thirties, who is currently enjoying the status of being a local Crime hero. At one time in Cutter’s younger days, he was pursuing to be an actor. In that short period of time of his life he met his first true love a girl named Alexa. Their romance was special, but due to unfortunate circumstances, it was short lived. Alexa also pursued her modeling career at the time and stardom forced her to work on assignments in the fashion capitals of the world. The rift between the two lovers grew large and eventually separated them completely. Little did Cutter know,Alexa had also given up her entertainment career to be a CIA Agent. Her job, was to hunt down terrorists and wanted killers from around the world, which led her back to USA to only find the same terrorists hot on their tail, that Cutter had accidentally run into! Meanwhile Asia’s assassin create a different disturbance as deterrent, they kidnap Cutter’s sister Kendra and cause mayhem during the mission kill any and all officers in their way! One night, during a stakeout, Cutter surprisingly encounters his lost love Alexa while on herown mission. Their flame is immediately rekindled and Alexa decides to remain near Cutter while unbeknownst chasing the same terrorists. That night out on duty, Cutter’s detective adventures have never been at the highest stake than what is about to happen. Unexpectedly, Cutter and his older detective partner Sky, stumble upon an abandoned warehouse where the C-4 Terrorists and their employer Kofu are discussing their Insidious plan to detonate a nuclear warhead and create a Nuclear War. After over hearing the wild unbelievable plan a massive firefight ensues, when they try and arrest them. This results in Kofu’s demise, but the “Secret Code Numbers” are now in the hands of one bad Terrorist named “Nefarious” which his goal now is to carry out the mission. Cutter and Sky somehow manage to escape the deadly barrage of bullets. Cutter and Sky have to do what they do best together! Uphold the Law. However, they realize they are not dealing with regular street gangs here, but the meanest pack of terrorists on a deadliest mission and now find themselves having to prevent a huge mishap in a big city! The C-4 decides that the two cops are a problem and must be eliminated; now both are HUNTING for each other and about to clash big-time! Who will lose? To the end of their deed the terrorist-assassins fight Cutter and the forces, Alexa and nearly kill Sky. But, little do they realize Cutter and Alexa’s resourcefulness and appetite for revenge that would make them a force to be reckoned with. Now the fate of the modern world lies in the hands of Cutter and Alexa who must battle the infamous C-4 for justice, love and revenge! Will they make it on time to prevent the next world war? Writen Produced and directed by Matthew Bora copyright 2012.

Date Recorded: 10/5/2012

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