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Mike Super

The McPherson Opera House
By Lydia Lowe
(photo courtesy of the official website)

     Mike Super made an appearance at The McPherson Opera House on Saturday night to a nearly sold out crowd.  
     The night started with a video wall that welcomed the crowd to the venue and then passed on information about the night’s performer.  Mike Super won the reality show Phenomenon and was on America’s Got Talent, where he took second place.  Since then he’s won a variety of awards for his work.  
     A darkened theater welcomed Super to the stage and then the crowd sat there in wonder as Super created seemingly endless illusions that couldn’t be explained.  I was skeptical because magicians are not my thing, but I have to admit that some of the illusions that Super did even had my attention.  At some point during the show I was completely taken in by the stage show and Mike Super’s talent.  The show was broken up into two segments and during the second segment he took finger rings from three audience members and linked them together.  They were actually linked.  I’m not sure how he did that or how he separated them to give them back to the audience members.  It was amazing!

     After the show, Super greeted the audience out in the lobby at a meet and greet.  He took pictures, signed autographs and even ran into someone who he knew which made his day.  It’s a small world.  All in all, a terrific evening.