This is Eddie Deuce and I’m reaching out on behalf of Nenjah Nycist, who recently released his EP, “i love reign”. In preparation for his album coming, he is releasing EPs, and dope original content from comic, cartoon, and merch. We would love to have him on your show, and we welcome any questions and/or feedback. Below is the most recent press release for “i love reign”, as well as a preview to his most anticipated album, “777″ coming 2021. 

Appreciate your time and continued success!!

Nenjah Nycist, an entrepreneurial artist/producer releases the 4-track “i love reign.” The Brooklyn emcee’s unpredictable flow, morphs into a bizarrely appealing collection of songs that show his charismatic best, gallows humor and tough talk. “i love reign” includes traditional jazz elements and drum machine samples with minimal production, giving a raw and unsophisticated sound. 

The general vibe of “i love reign” is defiant, gritty, and nostalgic, fitting the back-to-basics spirit of a proud lyricist merged with a crate-digger. “i love reign” is available on all streaming platforms and for purchase on  To stay current on his work, follow him @nenjahnycist.

Watch “Super Focused”


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