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Karissa Pasquarella
My Mind Put Into Songs
Manifest Records
19 June 2015
Genre(s): Acoustic/Pop


Single(s): “Nonetheless Perfect”

Bio: Karissa Pasquarella is a twenty year old acoustic artist residing in Hudson Valley, New York. Born and raised into a family full of musicians, it was almost as if it was in her blood to become one as well. At age 10, Karissa discovered a punk rocker girl who sang and played catchy rock songs: Avril Lavigne. To this day, Avril Lavigne is still one of her major influences and one of the main reasons as to why she picked up the guitar in the first place. At age 11, is when Karissa received her first guitar ever. It was a B.C. Rich Mockingbird electric guitar. She took lessons weekly but grew uninterested with notes on a piece of paper to follow. So, she put the electric guitar down and stopped taking lessons.

Later down the road, at age 14 is when her journey in music truly began. She picked up an acoustic guitar that was lying around the house. The admirable shine and brightness of sound had her hooked and determined to learn how to play once more, yet only this time it’d be a totally different mindset to play acoustic songs rather than heavy music on an electric guitar. She asked her brother, Randy (from the band If I Were You), to show her some chords. He taught the basics, and then after that, YouTube tutorials became Karissa’s most useful tool. At this time, her favorite band was The Maine. She began to cover songs like “We All Roll Along” and “I Must Be Dreaming”.

At age 15, Karissa Pasquarella wrote her first song called, “Good Enough For You”. Her brother then recorded her first song in his room with a cheap microphone and laptop. Since then, writing songs became a passion. Once Karissa Pasquarella wrote a handful of songs, she started to play shows at venues, get-togethers, and events. Her music conveys true emotion and feelings that are triggered by present events and situations which are conveyed through catchy verses and choruses. Karissa Pasquarella signed to Manifest Records in May 2015. She will be releasing her first EP on June 19th, in which she recorded at Pasquarella Recordings Studio. She is also working on her first music video with Antium Film.


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