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Here’s an early press stream of Small World, the upcoming debut full-length by NYC-based outfit Gamblers (out in early 2020), along with two special Halloween covers the band is releasing today.

We’re looking for track posts, reviews and playlist adds of the Halloween covers and/or whatever you’re able to do to spread the word. I’d also love to get in touch to line up coverage for the album.

Gamblers write ultra-catchy indie rock tunes with hip-hop production in their DNA. Check, for example, how what started out as a sample of Wilco’s “Jesus Etc” took on a life of its own on the Gamblers tune “Corinthian Order.” The band also wears its Long Island roots on its sleeve and plays in a deceptively inviting style that harbors an overcast sense of the darkness that’s always lurking at the edges of the mundane. (Stream the full album here.)

To tide audiences over ahead of the album, Gamblers are putting out a double-single with their versions of the Ramones classic “Pet Sematary” and Bobby Pickett’s ’60s seasonal staple “Monster Mash.” Both songs feature recent Dillinger Escape Plan alum Billy Rymer on drums. (Stream/embed them here.)


RIYL: Broken Bells, The Beach Boys, Blur, The Strokes, Mark Ronson

photo: Mike Cicchetti
“plentiful in bubbly guitar and hip-hop influence” — Alternative Press
“an updated take on a classic sound… a delightful passing of the torch” — The Deli

Pet Sematary/Monster Mash stream/embed
Small World LP advance stream
Corinthian Order EP stream

Originally hailing from the south shore Long Island town of Massapequa, Gamblers have made New York City their homebase but they may as well be coming from another world. Growing up in the land of the Baldwin brothers, John Gotti Jr. and the Amityville Horror does something to your perspective in a way that never quite leaves you. The band’s upcoming full-length Small World reflects that odd sense of distance one develops from being in a place that’s so close yet so far, so undeniably locked in the gravitational pull of the center of the universe, only with a language and lore all its own.

As a special holiday offering to tide fans over between the 2018 release of their Corinthian Order EP and the early 2020 release of the new album, the band is releasing a special Halloween single featuring cover versions of The Ramones’ classic “Pet Sematary” and Bobby Pickett’s ‘60s holiday staple “Monster Mash.” Both tunes exemplify the band’s ability to uproot their influences and give them a sonic makeover. The tracks also mark the recording debut with longtime friend of the band, Billy Rymer (Dillinger Escape Plan) on drums. “Pet Sematary” pays homage to the godfathers of Gamblers’ NYC punk lineage, while “Monster Mash” imagines Mark Ronson playing in a ‘50s rock and roll style.

Bandleader/producer Michael McManus cut his teeth touring with DIY alt-rock bands in high school. In college, he spent practically every waking minute that he wasn’t in class or sleeping holed up in his dorm room crafting the unique hip hop production style that paved the way for collaborations with Meek Mill, Stalley and Heems, as well as musical contributions to Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown and Viceland’s Gaycation. With Gamblers, McManus and fellow in-house studio rat Gary O’Keefe marry the beatmaking sensibility of hip hop to the songcraft and jamming-in-a-room m.o. of a rock band.

Also key to the story: McManus grew up working in his family’s business Peter McManus Cafe (one of NYC’s oldest and most storied bars and a film set for Saturday Night Live, Broad City, and Seinfeld). Watching the constant flow of life from a young age was crucial in shaping the acutely observant lyrical outlook McManus brings to the music. With one ear to the pulse of Long Island’s debris-strewn cultural landscape and the other focused finding the right words for heady meditations on the human condition, McManus tucks his often cutting insights into deceptively simple and innocuous-sounding wordplay. The band’s sunny hooks may evoke The Beach Boys, but much darker things tend to wash up on the south shore. Small World harbors some of those things, even in its brightest moments as addiction, stress, despair, corruption and violence lurk in the shadows between the lines.

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