Overlooked : Wedlock


Overlooked : Wedlock
by Perry Seymour
For your first few writing pieces you’re meant to cover somebody big to make a splash for the editor but I decided a long time ago I was going to write about stuff that sounds good to me.If it gets picked up, it gets picked up, if not, that’s their decision. Full disclosure, I have not met this group, and my efforts to reach them fell through, but I found some decent info on them, and so far through a few releases I have found what I feel is some overlooked material.

Electronic indie outfit (a.k.a 105 Deckowls outside North America)Wedlock is loosely based around singer/songwriter and founding member Paul Allgood. Programmer Jeff Hathaway and Allgood started the band in 2004 in Virginia, releasing 2 EPs (Matrimony and Cuts Both Ways) before Allgood relocated to North Carolina. Allgood began a new incarnation of Wedlock there with keyboardist Jonathan Kidder, bassist Kirk Bryson, and a series of drummers. Their debut full-length, Exogamy, appeared in 2008, but took a year or so to catch on, with their single “Black Sundress” ultimately landing in Amazon’s Top Ten for digital downloads in the spring of 2009. The follow-up, Continuity, was released that autumn with yet another lineup behind Allgood. The band also produced an EP for singer Bryanna Rain and their own EP, Witnesses, before a hiatus in 2010 during which Allgood teamed with multi-instrumentalist and programmer Jason Bowden to form Celadon Candy. Their collaboration was brief; and immediately after Allgood resumed writing and recording demos with keyboardist Chris Scendo in hopes of releasing new Wedlock material in addition to performing live dates in North America as well as Brazil and Japan, joined by Kay Whitney and Wade Clovis.
I’ll be interested in hearing more from them, and if any body knows more about them, please pass it along to me.

Wedlock At Juggling Gypsy 0904


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