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“What is this? An interrogation? Is there really someone out there who cares to know that I was born in a small town close to Turin, in Italy?”…well maybe there is! “Let’s rather say that I’ve never been an angel… more a ‘witch’ as my mum still calls me!” Sammer is a woman who knows what she wants. “I was more like the black sheep of the family: no way I was going to listen to what I was told! My way or nothing! ”.
From the ballet school at early age to today’s scenes, Sicilian-root beauty Sammer has never been shy to perform in front of an audience. Music has always been present in her everyday life as she remembers the days playing out loud tracks from her favourite pop artists like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper to female-pleaser rock bands such as Bon Jovi and Europe.

Her debut in the music scene was in her native country where as a duo she was performing covers of ‘80s and ’90s pop classics to a wide range of local festivals: “I started in the old fashioned way: we did pubs, parties, beer festivals…. You name it – any gig was a good one as longs as I could be on a stage!”
She then progressed as a solo artist and started to write her own material, performing with a backing band and apparently, on the side line, she was even conducting a local television program on which she was also singing, but do not dare to ask her about it as she will not give you any insight…
“Almost four years ago I decided that Italy was ‘not enough’ for what I wanted to do, so I moved to London and started my life completely from scratch” and while looking for some space for her creativity and her… ‘craziness’, this is when and where her song writing skills started to have a different shape and form, and the Sammer project twisted to a whole new dimension.
“I was not scared of the language and cultural barriers as what kept me going was to achieve my goal”. It was not easy at the beginning, in fact it took a good couple of years to have some sort of familiarity around her to concentrate again on writing songs, but with the help of a keyboard, though she claims she is not a master of it, she produced her first gems. Finally, at the Ealing Film Studios is where Sammer met producer Hank Hughes who helped her to finalise the recording of the first EP which will soon be released. “I can’t believe how patient Hank was with me in the studio, not only he let me co-produce my tracks but he puts up my stubbornness and passion for precision…” Have you ever met a little girl wearing her best white dress lying down on the corner of the street just to sunbathe? Well, that was Sammer long before being …Sammer! There was and there is never the right time or the right moment, as she always follows her instincts. Watch this space… it is about to get really hot in here… Sammer is coming!

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