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Sean “Ozzie the Sports Junkie” Osborne

Be the Smartest and Funniest Person at the Super Bowl Party

Guest Opportunity: Sean “Ozzie the Sports Junkie” Osborne — Seasoned On-Air Radio Personality, Sports Director of STLR SportsTalk Digital Multimedia and Host of “Ozzie The Sports Junkie”

Are you ready for the big game? What are all the party details? What if you could detail some amazing, but little known facts about this game and past super bowl contests?

How about Fun bets aside from game winner and losers such as songs that will performed at halftime and the odds of special guests onstage? For instance Janet Jackson joining Justin Timberlake onstage at halftime is currently 6 to1. On top of that, have yellow flags for in house party fouls such as walking in front of the set etc.

Sean “Ozzie the Sports Junkie” Osborne has been in the business for a long time and can pass his expertise on to you making sure your Super bowl party rocks out in 2018. All you need to do is ask him where to begin!

Ozzie The Sports Junkie broadcasts LIVE, the STLR Media App and STLR Media TV’s Facebook Page on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s from 5-7p.m. EST.

Meet Sean “Ozzie the Sports Junkie” Osborne:

* Has done work with/for Westwood One Radio KNBR San Francisco CBS Sports Radio

* Seasoned On-Air Personality

* Sports Director of STLR SportsTalk Digital Multimedia

* Host of “Ozzie The Sports Junkie”

* Conducted interviews with high profile athletes as well as musicians-entertainers, and other notable celebrities such as Joe Buck (Fox Sports), Kenny Albert (Fox Sports), and Tom Brenneman (Fox Sports)

* Appeared as a frequent guest on several area sports television programs, including

“Let’s Talk Sports” Comcast Cable (2007-2011), contributor to ABC 7 in Sarasota –exclusive live interview with former NBA referee Tim Donaghy prior to the release of his book, Personal Foul: A First Person Account of the Scandal That Rocked the NBA.

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