Steve Purcell CD “Ample’tudes” reviewed in the June 2020 issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine. “Purcell doesn’t hide his serious chops or eclectic inflUences, from blazing Satch shred (“Hammer Down”) to spegetti-western twang (“Rattlesnake Road”) “Mouse in the House” displays Fender-fueled country pickin’ in the Johnny Highland vein while “Bits & Pieces” suggests the electric-fingerstyle of Mark Knopfler or Brian Setzer. Steve delivers a lit bit of everything all well above average. The guy’s a player.” ~ PP Here is the Link: Steve Purcell “Ample’tudes” featured in the March 2020 issue of International Musician magazine “With more than enough guitars to satisfy any fan, Steve Purcell’s debut solo 10-song CD release, Ample’tudes, is a guitar-driven diverse collection of songs with an impressive array of world-class guest musicians.” Here is the Link: Rock Expert gave “Ample’tudes” a great Review & feature on thier web-site. Here is the Link: Interview for to discuss the release of “Ample’tudes” You can Listen to the Interview Here: The Lawless VB-01 Amplifier, This amp roars. It’s pure tube heaven. It was used on my CD “Ample’tudes” as well. Here is the YouTube Link to Watch:


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