The Eggs Have Landed!!!

 Sculpture Walk-Hutchinson
By Lydia Lowe
     Alien egg creatures have taken over Downtown Hutchinson.  While the Smallville Comic Con was going on these egg creatures quietly began infiltrating Main Street.  They’ve disguised themselves as Humpty Dumpty characters in order to blend in and assimilate.

     Mr. Eggwards (above) is sitting outside A G Edwards and is quite obviously interested in all things financial.  Is this because he’s gathering money together to plot some sort of take over of the earth known as Kansas?  While he seems friendly and unassuming, with a trust me smile, I’m not sure anyone should invest money with or take financial advice from a Humpty Dumpty in a suit and tie.

          Then there’s H.D.  Some people can pull off the “one name only” thing; think Prince and Cher.  But to pull off initials, that takes someone special.  Just another unassuming way to fit in with the locals as he plots, “something”  You can tell he’s thinking up something by the look on his face.

     Does anyone pay much attention to someone sitting on the street reading in dapper striped pants?  I don’t think so.  After all he’s just another “Egghead”.  What better way to bide your time as you plot to take over Kansas?  Well, start small, take over Hutchinson then the world . . . bah hah hah!

     Here some locals have noticed H.D and Egghead, as they attempt to communicate with them.  But as you can see, no matter what the locals try, the eggs ignore them and continue to plot there take over.

     And last but not least, there is Eggcited.  Notice some of the titles that he’s preparing to read.  Obviously these books are cleverly disguised as light recreational reading when in fact, these tomes are really manuals for taking over the world.

     Don’t let these cute, cuddly, adorable egg heads fool you, I believe that they’re here to take over downtown. . .well, at least for a year.  Then they’ll be on their way to another town and another Sculpture Walk, errr . . . world domination!

*the Humpty Dumpty sculptures are all the work of Kimber Fiebiger

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