The Kinnected


The Kinnected

The Kinected is an original four piece hybrid, rock band whose music is filled with melodic and rhythmical hooks, combining relatable pop-songwriting and unique grooves with a futuristic vibe.
Alex Zapatier and Ron Anthony’s vocal sound is smooth, yet highly energetic and delivered with much conviction. Their lyrics are intelligent, yet still fun. Alex also delivers catchy, syncopated guitar rhythms and melodic lines thus embedding his own personal stamp to each song. His solos reflect emotional expression and influences ofJimmy Page, Slash, Hendrix and The Edge. Alex says, “Every song has a distinct color, mood, and identity. Our music must have a purpose, create a visual, evoke positive emotion, and hypnotize physically as well as mentally.”
Ron’s atmospheric keyboards set the tone while his piano lines aim for the heart. His signature synthbass often mirrors the bass guitar defining the groove and engraving it in your mind. Ron states, “I want to connect with people the way Stevie Wonder has with me. Our music should relate to each listener through a wide range of emotions.”
Mike B’s bass lines are infectious and memorable. He states, “I’d like to hear our music played in the first club on Mars.”
Marck Mangel holds down and sets the tone with his drumming style and attitude. He adds, “Our thoughts and emotions are channeled through waves of sound that are designed to flow through the body with a pulse that makes you want to dance, grind and fist pump.”
The Kinected has played with:
Duran Duran
The Strokes
Gnarles Barkley
The All American Rejects
Bryan Adams
Candlebox                                                                                                                                                                         Dashboard Confessional
Switchfoot                                                                                                                                                                                       A Rocket to the Moon
Mat Kearney
VHS or Beta
Vertical Horizon
The Brazilian Girls

Performed at:
Sunfest (270,000 people)
Moonfest (50,000 people)                                                                                                                                                             A Taste of Pinellas (40,000 people)
West Fest (2,000 people)
Rocktoberfest (12,00 people)
The Bang Festival Miami ( 10,000 people)
Annual Devil’s Night G.O.G. Concert (1000 people)
Semi Finalist Hard Rock Casino
3rd place U.S. Battle of the bands (over 8,000 bands)
#1 podcast single worldwide “Radio

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