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The Lucky Dutch is an American rock band from Illinois, formed in 2008 by guitarist, Nathan Graham and singer, Claire Corriveau. Graham has been performing as a guitarist on the Chicago blues scene since he was 15 years old, working and touring with musicians such as Buddy Guy, BB King, and Koko Taylor. Claire Corriveau has worked consistently as a performing musician since 2008, as a solo artist and with a wide variety of bands. David Padula has been playing bass since 2006, working in a jazz trio through college before moving to Chicago in 2012. Ben Dacoba started playing drums at age 15 in Virginia. He draws inspiration from classic rock bands from the 60s and 70s and works as a touring drummer all around the country. They began their career as an indie band, performing extensively around Chicago’s bar and festival scene. The Lucky Dutch have released two LPs, Bury the Night in 2014 and Cadillac Coffin in 2016.


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