The Texas Gypsies
The Historic Fox Theatre
By Lydia Lowe
(photo’s by Bob Hunter)
     If you haven’t been to a show at The Fox here in Hutchinson, you’re missing a rare treat.  This past Friday night The Fox played host to The Texas Gypsies.  The group hit the stage dressed as gangsters and flappers which set the tone for the evening; a night of music from the 20’s as well as some West Texas Swing.
     This group had a terrific mix of music that ranged from 20’s jazz to Bob Wills country swing.  They played originally songs and cover tunes from the era.  One of my favorite songs of the evening was “Nothing to Worry About” which the group dubbed one of the fastest songs to play that has ever been written.  It was fast and it was fun to listen too.  The group played a Stevie Ray Vaughan tune, “Pride and Joy”.  Who knew that this would fit in with 20’s jazz classics, and yet it did fit, perfectly.  Also the group played a Beatles tune, “When I’m Sixty Four”. And of course there was the classic Bob Wills tune, “San Antonio Rose”.  Each one fit so perfectly into the line-up. The Texas Gypsies have a sound all their own.
     Steve Curry, the band’s leader plays guitar and does vocals.  Here he is standing on the stand-up bass during the big finale to the first set.  That finale was a show all of it’s own.  You had to see it to believe it.  John Hewitt played the stand-up bass and did a superb job with this instrument.  He also sang a solo of “Besame Mucho” in Spanish.  
     Then there’s Mike Sizer who provided the sounds of clarinet and a variety of saxophone’s.  Of course you can’t have a group without the drummer, Andrew Griffith, who of course got to do a drum solo because no group ever forgets to headline the drummer with a solo performance.  He did a fantastic job and stayed within the music of the era.  Last but not least there is Brooke Wallace, who burned up the stage in her little black dress, stunning vocals, (she sang two of the songs the group played) and stole the show with sizzling fiddle licks.  Brooke actually won an award for her fiddle/violin playing at The Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas.
     What a show!  The group even took time to come out to the lobby and talk to the audience afterwards.  What was really great about this part of the evening is that the group actually mingled instead of sitting behind a table and making small talk as patrons walked by.  The group had CD’s for sale including their recently released CD entitled: “Retro Deco Baby”.  Head on over to their website: and check out samples of their music.  You’ll be glad that you did.